What Makes for a Great Safari Guide?

January 10th, 2022

By Native Africa Trails

If you’re wanting to visit a safari, know that a guide is a key fact in your experience there. Luckily for you, at Native Africa Trails, something like that won’t turn into an issue. But, why exactly are these travel guides so important? Do they really need to be experts at what they do?Yes, they have to be experts. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be doing their job correctly.

Here’s how a great safari guide makes sure that you have a pleasant and fulfilling adventure:

They Keep Everything Intact

There are a lot of things you need to know and consider whenever you’re traveling around a safari. A great safari guide has insider knowledge of where they should go, as well as when they should go there.

They know which place will be a great starting point for your adventure, which should be the middle, and how your adventure should end.By guiding you through all these places, a safari guide will make sure you are having a terrific time.

They Help by Ensuring Your Safety

Whenever you’re driving around a safari, you have to keep in mind that wildlife, such as lions or elephants, are not tame animals that you can just get out and pet. They are wild animals that shouldn’t be disturbed.

A great safari guide knows that. They can guide you towards a safer road by letting you know that you should stay inside the vehicle, and not disturb the animals. A guide will instruct you on when you should get out of the vehicle and when you shouldn’t. They Keep an Eye Out for Aware of Hunters and Poachers. If you choose to visit a safari, know that you’re not going to hunt the animals down. You’re just going to look at them. Luckily, the probability of there being hunters and poachers in a safari is very small.

Nevertheless, a good safari guide would know when a risk like that would approach. They would inform the people that they shouldn’t do that. And, if they tried to hunt the animals, there would be consequences. Don’t ruin the adventure for yourself or other people. Shoot with your camera, not with anything else.

They Know How to Keep Things Interesting

A good safari guide shouldn’t read random facts out of a piece of paper while keeping a straight face on.A lot of people who visit safaris don’t want to know how much a lion weighs, or what its life span is like.

A great safari guide would examine the surroundings and how the animals are behaving. Then, they would find a way to include that observation into the information that they’re about to give.Safari guides should know when people are getting bored, and they have to be quick enough to fix that problem.

Traveling in Style

So, are you ready to be traveling in style? Here, at Native Africa Trails, we want to make sure that your dream adventure lives up to the name. That’s why we’ve hired the best guides who can make that possible.

And, we can also inform you about how you can get ready for this big trip. Click here to find out more about that. We are here for your enjoyment.

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